Casting Call for “Little Savages” Turns Out Quite the Crowd

The casting call for the soon-to-be-filmed movie “Little Savages” turned out an overwhelming amount of aspiring actors to the town of Culver. James Simmons, producer for the film, said people came out from Indianapolis, Chicago, Detroit and all over the local area. On top of the local turnout, Simmons said they’ve already signed a number of actors of Disney fame to the film as well.

Simmons said they hadn’t been expected such an amazing turnout.

“Great turnout, I mean we weren’t sure if we’d have 40 to 70 people or if it would go over 100, and it went well over 100,” said Simmons.

Some of the bigger-name actors signed to the film include Noah Lomax, Jamie Kennedy, Adam Hicks, Leigh-Allyn Baker, Aiden Mincks, Katherine McNamara, and Aubrey K. Miller. To help accommodate these stars, Simmons said they have a few needs that they’re looking to the community to help with. The crew needs three more golf carts to be used by executives moving from the set back to “base camp,” as well as a few RVs to be used as holding areas for main actors during production. The company also needs a couple two-bedroom guest houses for the Disney stars and their guardians.

Simmons said anyone who helps with these needs can be given special thanks and film credit as well as, in some cases, compensation.

The film will be filmed in August, and Simmons said the movie could come out as early as next spring.

“It could come out as early as spring of 2014, maybe as late as the end of the summer,” said Simmons. “It’s a summer movie. Ideally we’d come out in the spring, and then the DVD would be ready at the beginning of the summer.”