Firework Safety Tips

We’re nearing the Fourth of July holiday and it’s the time for celebrations that include fireworks.

Knox-Center Township Fire Chief Kenny Pfost offers a few tips for your holiday celebration.

“It’s important to follow your local ordinances as far as what you can and can’t use,” explained Pfost. “You’d be surprised what restrictions there are on fireworks. Know what you can and can’t use in your area. Make sure you don’t use them if it’s too windy, don’t point them at anyone else and it’s important not to let small children light fireworks.”

Fireworks ordinances have been enacted in every county and in each town and you are encouraged to know the guidelines before your celebration sparks a fine.

Read warning labels and performance descriptions before igniting fireworks, never relight a firework that may have been a dud, soak spent fireworks with water before placing them into an outdoor garbage can, and report any illegal fireworks to the police department.