Homestead Deductions and Verifications Need to be Verified, Filed

The Starke County Auditor’s office is getting ready to send out final notices to homeowners who have not filed homestead exemptions for property tax billing. If you do not file by the end of the year, your taxes will skyrocket next year.

You need to verify that you have a homestead deduction. If you go onto the auditor’s page on the Starke County website there is a list of property owners that need to verify exemptions.

The last five digits of your Indiana Driver’s License number and the last five digits of your Social Security number must be included on your homestead deduction application. If you don’t have these items, you will need to discuss other terms with the auditor in which to file your deduction. Call (574) 772-9101

The auditor may terminate the deduction if you do not file the homestead verification form by the end of the year.