Hostess Snacks Return to Starke County


Twinkies have made their long-awaited return to Starke County to minimal fanfare, but while the snack cakes aren’t exactly flying off the shelves, some residents were excited to see their favorite Hostess treats back on sale. Five Star in Knox began selling Hostess products this morning, with a display set up and ready before 11 a.m.

One Knox resident said he was elated to see the products back on the shelves, though they didn’t have the snack his wife was looking for.

“My wife was really tore up. She liked the Zingers, and we went to get some and now they’re not there. They’re supposed to have them next week, so we’ll be back!” he said.

Hostess filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in 2012 and was soon purchased by Metropoulos & Co. and Apollo Global Management in March to the tune of $410 million. CEO C. Dean Metropoulos stated at that time that the company would make $60 million in capital investments to reopen locations throughout this summer, with plans to hire at least 1500 employees to get the snacks back on the shelves.

Though Wal-Mart started selling the treats earlier than Hostess had intended – a full week sooner than Hostess’s planned sale start date of July 15. Hostess announced that they did not give any particular retailer exclusivity or preference to have their products first.

Despite Wal-Mart’s early sales, people still grabbed up boxes at Five Star. Annette Ferch of Hamlet said her husband was torn when he heard the news about Hostess’s bankruptcy, and now that they’re back, he sent her on a mission.

“I knew it would upset my husband and he sent me today when he heard on the radio that they would be here, so I’ve got two boxes for him. He wanted Ding-Dongs but they weren’t here,” Ferch said.

Now that Hostess’s eight-month hiatus has come to a close, the spongy, cream-filled yellow cakes are sure to become a staple in nearly every cupboard.