INDOT Announces Temporary SR 23 Road Closure

A highway east of Knox will be closed for the next couple of days for some preventive maintenance. INDOT crews will chip and fog seal State Road 23 between State Roads 8 and 10 today and tomorrow, weather permitting. INDOT’s marked detour will utilize State Road 8, U.S. 35 and State Road 10 to get around the work. The process consists of pouring liquid asphalt on the roadway and covering it with crushed stone to provide a new wearing surface. Chip-sealing extends the life of the roadway by protecting it from moisture, ultra-violet degradation and other possible damage. The fog seal is applied on top of the chip-seal work. It’s a light application of asphalt that helps to lock in loose stone and help with dust problems. It also makes the road black, which in turn makes pavement markings more visible. INDOT warns that loose gravel may be present on recently chip-sealed roads and can damage windshields and paint on vehicles that are following too closely. Motorists are urged to slow down and allow plenty of space between vehicles.