Keep Pets Safe and Indoors During Fireworks Season


Many people are already making use of the fireworks for sale in light of Independence Day and while the loud booms and bright lights in the sky may be entertaining for you, more often than not they are terrifying for pets. Shanna Lloyd, board member at the Starke County Humane Society, said it is a good idea to keep animals indoors around the Fourth of July to ensure they are safe and don’t try to run away from the noise.

“The number one thing you can do to keep them safe during the days preceding the Fourth and the Fourth and the few days after, the following weekend, is to keep them inside and keep them away from that noise which generally frightens most pets and will cause them to flee from the area where they normally wouldn’t. So if you can’t keep them inside, you should definitely make sure you’ve got proper identification on them,” Lloyd said.

Lloyd said the best identification is a collar or tag, but even if you don’t want to go out and buy a tag for your pet, you can write your phone number in permanent marker on their collar. She also recommends having an ID on them even if they’re strictly indoor pets, just in case they get away in the chaos and are found by someone or end up at the animal shelter.

“Even if they’re inside, have that ID on them so if they do get away from you and they end up at the shelter or someone’s found them, there’s easy identification so that they can be returned to you as soon as possible,” Lloyd explained.