Knox Water Woes Brought Before Board of Public Works

Knox Board of Public Works
Knox Board of Public Works

A proposal by the Knox water department superintendent will soon go to the council, after superintendent Todd Gardner told the Knox Board of Public Works that the water line going down State Road 8 east of the city is providing limited water to the area. With the upcoming construction of the new Starke County Jail facility near the intersection of State Road 8 and County Road 550 East, he said it’s imperative that the line be improved to ensure proper water service for that area.

Gardner told the board that the original design called for a six-inch water line feeding a larger line, which restricts the flow of water in that area. He would like to add 700 feet of water main and complete the loop, which he said wouldn’t entail too much work and would be less expensive than a complete overhaul.

He said that as of right now, that line is only pumping roughly 500 gallons per minute, which is rather low for ensuring fire safety. By tying it in and completing the water line loop, he said the city could serve up 900 gallons per minute and cut down on the risk of water problems in the future.

On top of that, Gardner said the water supply isn’t sufficient for the jail, and with nursing homes in that area, it’s critical that water be properly provided. He said that whole side of the city would benefit from this upgrade.

The project, he said, would take roughly a week and cost between $35,000 and $40,000, which could be found in EDIT funds or Water Improvement funds. Mayor Rick Chambers said this matter will be brought to the council at their next meeting, Aug. 13, to see how best to fund it.