Knox Woman Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison for Manufacturing Methamphetamine

A Knox woman was sentenced to 20 years in prison for a conviction of Manufacturing Methamphetamine. Stephanie Berg, 39, admitted that on Feb. 15 she and several other people were cooking pseudoephedrine-based products into methamphetamine at the Country Place Apartments on West Madison Street in Plymouth, a family housing complex adjacent to a public park. The proximity of the residence to a public park enhanced the charge to a Class A felony.

Berg, through a plea agreement, pleaded guilty to a Class B felony, and received the maximum sentence allowed under the law. Because of her continuing cooperation in related drug cases, eight years of the sentence was suspended. Upon her release from prison, Berg will be on reporting probation for a year and is expected to testify truthfully for upcoming trials with others charged in the same incident.

Berg was arrested along with several other people on Feb. 15 when Plymouth police officers were called to an apartment complex in response to a man who had allegedly violated a no-trespass order for the property. Inside the apartment, police noted the strong odor of ammonia and clouds pervading the apartment, along with two small girls in the back bedroom. Police then found the suspect inside and went to place him into custody, but while police were distracted three or four subjects reportedly jumped from a window on the second story.

Berg and two other women were still inside the apartment along with the two young girls, ages 2 and 5. When police kicked in the door of another bedroom in the apartment, they located an active methamphetamine lab. Everyone was then removed from the apartment and representatives from the Division of Children and Family Services and Plymouth EMS cleared the scene, transporting the children to the emergency room while police transported the suspects to the Marshall County Jail.