Lt. Governor Visits Officials in Starke County

Indiana Lt. Governor Sue Ellspermann was in Starke County yesterday to speak with elected officials and business and agriculture officials. She met with them at the Nancy J. Dembowski Community Center in Knox.

The Lt. Governor is on a “Listen and Learn” tour. She plans to stop in all 92 counties and speak to these groups of people to gather information on what is and isn’t successful in counties plus issues and priorities so a better partnership can be built between the individual counties and the state. She has already visited 27 counties, including Starke County, since she started this initiative in May.

Ellspermann said several issues were brought up during Tuesday’s visit.

“Some of the concerns that came up were the need for vocational and technical training for our young people so they have job opportunities and with that, the challenge to attract good jobs into the county,” stated Ellspermann.

The concern about the drug issue in Starke County was also a talking point.

“We heard the issues around drugs and drug use in meth, pills and now heroin. We also heard the challenges that our criminal system deals with with individuals with mental health issues,” she said.

County officials also brought to light budget restraints and the cost of health insurance with the Affordable Care Act.

“What we’re trying to do, the governor and I, want to understand each county and what their unique challenges and opportunities are and how we can best support growth and prosperity,” Ellspermann said.