Marshall County Council Approves Emergency Fund Ordinance

The Marshall County Council held a public hearing Monday morning on an ordinance permitting procurement of emergency funds in the event of an emergency.

The ordinance was brought forth by Emergency Management Agency Director Clyde Avery. In the case of an emergency and funds are needed, the ordinance allows the funds to be approved by just the president of the Marshall County Commissioners and the president of the Marshall County Council. A special meeting with all members of the governing bodies will not need to be called to approve these expenses.

As part of the ordinance, Avery and Marshall County Auditor Penny Lukenbill would review and determine the financial situation of the county during that emergency and the cost of the necessary services. A report to the presidents of both government entities would be given to secure fund status. Those monies could be approved immediately if there is not enough time to address the emergency funding needed before the next meeting of the commissioners or council.

A report will then be made to both the commissioners and the council during their regular meeting about the action taken. Reimbursement would be sought from the federal or state government for the amount spent on emergency services.

There was no person from the public present to comment on the ordinance. Hearing no comments, the council members suspended the rules and approved the ordinance on all three readings.