Marshall County Highway Department Tackling Water Issues

Watch for signs like these in the area in the next few days
Watch for signs like these in the area in the next few days
Marshall County Highway Superintendent Neal Haeck told the commissioners Monday that his department been dealing with some water issues on the roads. While nothing is too serious, there have been some roads washed out this season with the heavy rains and they’re attempting to keep an eye on the situation and move along with regular summer projects. Haeck urges motorists to be cautious when coming upon standing water in the roads. It may be a good idea to turn around and utilize a different route of travel.

Emergency Management Agency Director Clyde Avery stated that there isn’t a threat of flooding in the county but he’s monitoring areas. No big problems have arisen. A few fields have standing water from the rain showers in the past week.

Commissioner Deb Griewank asked Haeck what the highway department does when the weeds and brush get a little high on the sides of the roads. He said they are working on roadside mowing and are tackling what they can.

Griewank also asked about corn stalks planted too close to intersections making it hard for motorists to see oncoming traffic. Haeck said in some instances the highway department will cut down corn so vision around intersections can increase and danger levels decrease.