Marshall County Highway Supt. Updates Commissioners on Maple Road

Marshall County Highway Superintendent Neal Haeck told the commissioners Monday morning that they are working to repair Maple Road.

The construction project on U.S. 6 at the new U.S. 31 site has caused a road closure in that area and drivers are attempting to use the back roads to get around the inconvenience instead of the suggested detours that utilize highways. Semi truck drivers are even using back roads for a quicker route and are tearing up the surface. Haeck said the county roads are not equipped to handle that type of traffic and “No Thru Truck” signs have been posted along the road to deter further damage.

Maple Road has sustained significant damage due to increased traffic, specifically semi-truck traffic, and the highway department has made an effort to repair the problem spots.

Haeck added that a dust control substance has been applied to some county roads due to increased traffic in those areas.

Semi truck traffic is highly encouraged to use the recommended detours around the U.S. 6 construction.