Marshall County REMC to Begin Rounding Up Participating Members’ Bills

Marshall County REMC customers that have opted to participate in Operation Round Up will begin receiving affected bills beginning with their next bill for July, due in September. According to MCREMC Communications Specialist Emily Howard, the program offers customers the chance to give back to their communities by rounding up their bills to the next dollar amount, with the extra change going to a special fund to be distributed to places in the community that need it the most.

“We’re allowing our members to kind of give back to the service territory that we serve – mainly Marshall County, but also parts of Starke, Kosciusko and Kankakee also. And we’re allowing different organizations and individuals to fill out applications for different needs,” said Howard.

Howard said that soon after the bills begin being rounded up, the Operation Round Up board of directors will decide where the funds will be distributed to. The directors will receive and review applications from various organizations requesting the funds to be used for charitable purposes.

She said MCREMC decided to take part in the program, alongside nearly 230 other co-ops in the country that have opted to participate in the program, because of the level of success that the other co-ops have had with Operation Round Up.

“We had talked to a lot of other co-ops and they have talked about the great deal of success that they have had and all of the different – not only people, but organizations that they have been able to help through it and it’s just been really successful, so we thought it would be a great way to help our community also,” Howard said.

If you are a MCREMC member who wishes to participate in the program, call (574) 936-3161 or email Howard at Alternatively, visit the Marshall County REMC website and fill out the form online.