More Funding for Roads and Bridges Coming to Starke County

Starke County will be getting an increase in funding for local infrastructure projects.

The General Assembly chose to allocate a significant increase in funding for counties, cities and towns to more fully maintain and construct new road and bridge projects as the years go on. With the economy and greater usage of high fuel economy vehicles giving the state less of a chance to collect revenue with the gas tax, local road and bridge projects have been delayed to keep local budgets fiscally balanced.

With some adjustments made to the funding formula, funding has been made available in the budgets for these projects.

Starke County will be receiving an additional $560,096 in 2014 and $569,477 in 2015. The City of Knox will receive $30,513 in 2014 and $31,025 in 2015; Hamlet will get $6,590 in 2014 and $6,701 in 2015; and North Judson will get $14,598 in 2014 and $14,842 in 2015. All entities will receive an approximate 33.5% increase from the baseline realized in 2012.

These numbers are estimates and may fluctuate causing these numbers to increase or decrease.