NIPSCO to Hold Open House in Winamac for Reynolds-Topeka Line


NIPSCO has announced that their Reynolds-Topeka Electric System Improvement Project is now in its Routing Phase as they focus on developing a set of potential routes to take to the public and local communities to allow them to get input for the final route selection. Kathleen Szot, spokesperson for NIPSCO, explained the business was approached by a planning group requesting help.

“NIPSCO has been asked by a regional transmission planner group that oversees the whole Midwest area to help construct a project between Reynolds and Topeka, so running through north central Indiana,” said Szot.

To inform the public on what the project entails and help decide the best route for the line, NIPSCO is holding a series of open houses in various communities. The first round took place in February, and now the second round is scheduled for this week. One such open house is scheduled for Monday, July 22 in the Winamac High School gymnasium from 3:30 to 7 p.m. ET. The open house will provide additional information about the project and present the proposed routes for public comment and feedback. The maps of the proposed routes are now available here.

“The regional transmission planning group are looking at population and future generation sources that are coming online. So they’re really looking at power from more of a bird’s-eye view across the Midwest area, and they are focused on finding issues with any congestion where power isn’t moving as efficiently as it should or if there are any reliability concerns,” said Szot.

According to the project’s webpage, the construction of the Reynolds-Topeka Line, a 100-mile electric transmission line from Reynolds to Burr Oak to Topeka, will not only create jobs and enhance system reliability, but also offer environmental benefits and improve access to lower cost electricity for customers.

NIPSCO expects to select the final route in August before they begin soliciting property right-of-way permission and work on acquiring the necessary permits.