Oregon-Davis Elementary School to Be Furnished With New Intercom System

Oregon-Davis Jr./Sr. High School
Oregon-Davis Jr./Sr. High School
The Oregon-Davis School Board at their meeting this week approved a motion to upgrade the intercom system in the elementary school buidling. Interim Superintendent Greg Briles explained that the intercom system being replaced is the original system that was installed when the building was first built some years ago.

The plan, Briles explained, is to install the same intercom system currently used in the high school, giving them the ability of working with only one company. The cost would come out to around $15,000, and they’ll save money by utilizing the preexisting wiring that is used by the current system.

Briles said they will merely be upgrading the intercom system to meet the needs of the elementary school principal, students, and teachers, and he hopes the project will be completed before the start of school.

Communications Systems will be handling the upgrade.