Pulaski Council Approves Advertisement of Software Purchase

The Pulaski County Council this week approved a request from the county highway superintendent to advertise for the purchase of a computer software suite designed for resource tracking and accounting for highway departments. Mark Fox, highway superintendent, told the commissioners that the program would greatly help the accounting aspect of his department because of its variety of features, including time tracking, resource tracking, accounting, and report management.

Fox told the commissioners that the program can track where resources are purchased from and for what projects they are used, as well as how much labor is spent on a particular job. The program can handle report printing, making presentations to the commissioners and council much easier, and backups of all their records will automatically be done by the company.

Fox said the cost of the software would come to $6000 initially, which would include setup and training, with an additional cost of $1500 per year for maintenance, updates and support. The cost would come from the Cumulative Capital fund.

The council approved a motion to advertise for the purchase of the software and will likely soon join 33 other counties in the state that have begun using the software for their highway departments.