Rising Gas Prices Prompt Hoosiers to Seek Alternatives in Transportation

The brief respite in gas prices come to a close, having brought prices down to a low average of $3.37 on July 1, and prices are now back on the rise due to unrest in Egypt. The average price of gas in the state is now up to $3.74, and according to GasBuddy.com Senior Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan, the market is shaky and nervous that violent protests in Egypt could spread throughout other parts of the Middle East.

He went on to explain that Energy Information Administration data indicates crude oil inventories have dropped by six percent – or 20 million barrels – in the last two weeks. DeHaan adds higher crude oil prices in July are being passed on to consumers at the pumps, as many retailers in Indiana have raised regular unleaded to $3.75 a gallon DeHaan also said prices may continue to climb next week.

With the price of gas once again on the rise, many Hoosiers are looking into alternative modes of transportation. Mopeds in particular are becoming more prevalent in the warm months due to the advantages in owning and operating one like fuel savings, lower cost, maintenance, lower insurance prices, and license requirements. In Indiana, mopeds with a cylinder capacity less than 50cc do not require license plates, insurance, or a motorcycle endorsement on a driver’s license. In fact, these mopeds do not require a driver’s license, but a form of identification is required.

Mopeds cannot be operated on sidewalks or interstate highways, and everyone under the age of 18 is required to wear a helmet and eye protection while riding one.