Starke Commissioners Approve Scope of Work, Bid Documents for Jail Project

Scott Cherry
Scott Cherry
The Starke County Commissioners this week received an update on the probable costs and anticipated schedule of the jail project. An official with the Skillman Corporation presented the latest estimates on the project and explained that they are still sharpening up the costs, but they are coming in closer to their ideal price range.

Scott Cherry told the commissioners that the schematic estimate that had been presented a month prior came out to roughly $11 million, which was a bit high; he said the ideal range was within $10.2 million to $10.3 million. Now, however, after they tightened some of the expenses, they’ve brought the estimated cost down to roughly $10.3 million.

Cherry said there is an advantage to using a site that already has a structure built, as it would allow them to finish construction earlier than otherwise and save some financing costs. However, one issue that needs addressed is how the 911 call center is going to be funded, as insurance funds are still being worked out from the destroyed communications tower.

All in all, Cherry said they saved about $700,000 in estimated costs through value-engineering, and the estimate is still a work in progress. He said the project should be ready to submit for bids in two weeks, with a groundbreaking ceremony in November.

The commissioners approved a motion to accept the scope of work and proceed to the bid documents. An informational meeting is planned for July 22 at 5:30 p.m. to discuss the jail plans a give tours of the existing building, with plans on display.