Stay Cool When Attending Events This Week


With a warm week ahead of us and a number of fair events planned, health departments are stepping up efforts to provide hydration and areas to cool off during local fairs. The Pulaski County Health Department will provide misting tents during the Northern Indiana Power from the Past show planned for this week, giving people a chance to cool off and relax out of the sweltering summer heat.

Terri Hansen, office manager at the Pulaski County Health Department, said the misting tents provide visitors with cool water and shade for those who feel overheated and need to cool down.

“We purchased the misting tents at the health department here through our preparedness grant through the Indiana Department of Homeland Security, and we are going to be setting those tents up. They have awnings over the top and we have a big tank that’s full of water that will be putting out a light mist of cool water for anybody who might become overheated, extremely hot,” said Hansen.

Hansen said it’s important to stay hydrated when attending any event in the heat; water, she said, helps your body regulate its temperature, slowing the onset of dizziness, headaches, and heatstroke in intense heat. She said it’s also important to wear light-colored clothing and sunscreen to prevent overheating or sunburn, and wide-brim hats aren’t a bad idea either to keep the sun off your face and your head cool.

Hansen said the health department will also be giving away mosquito wipes at the Power Show.

“As we did for the fair, we also have Cutter mosquito wipes available for people at the Power Show because, as you know, recently the fairgrounds have been flooded and so there’s possibly going to be quite a few mosquitoes, especially with it heating up. So, we’re going to have those available to be giving away as well. I do believe they’re going to be either passed out as people come into the park or they will be near our misting tents,” said Hansen.

The Pulaski County EMS will also be passing out mosquito wipes. They will be present to ensure everyone is staying hydrated and cool and to respond to any medical emergencies that might occur during the event.