Synthetic Drug Bill Tightened

Officers recently arrested a woman after the Plymouth Police Department’s K9 Jax indicated that narcotics were in her vehicle during a traffic stop. Officers searched the vehicle and reportedly found multiple forms of synthetic marijuana in the vehicle, which is an arrestable offense. Amanda Rhoades-Werb was transported to the Marshall County Jail where she was booked on possession charges.

In a new law that took effect in May, wording tightens the current law regarding synthetic drugs. It makes it illegal to possess or sell products that look like the chemically enhanced substances banned under previous laws targeting products sold legally as incense or bath salts but that mimic the effects of marijuana and cocaine when smoked or ingested.

This is the third time the synthetic drug law has been amended in as many years.

Under the previous ban, substances were identified as synthetic drugs based on their chemical makeup. Synthetic drug manufacturers were able to slightly modify their ingredients to get around the state law.

The current revision was signed by Governor Pence in May and took effect immediately under an emergency provision in the bill.