Active Shooter Training Spotlighted by Knox Community School Board

The Knox Community School Board spotlighted the recent active shooter training held at the Knox Middle School. High School Assistant Principal Dr. Michael Bendicsen, who helped organize this session, said it helped the administrators get a handle on safety issues before the start of school.

“We wanted to focus on some school safety training before the school year started,” commented Bendicsen. “The Indiana State Police sponsored the training and they also collaborated with local law enforcement. We had about five counties represented, numerous schools and first responders.”

Bendicsen explained that the administrators learned a lot in this training session.

“We talked about best practices in terms of response time and what would be best practices for people in the schools and recommended training so people are not taken unaware by the situation,” Bendicsen said.

Bendicsen stated that Knox schools are fortunate to have very cooperative divisions of law enforcement here in the county and the officers’ involvement in this week’s training proved very helpful.

“They involved themselves with the Indiana State Police in this training and they were involved in the response. It was very helpful to see how they operate and how we can interact with them, cooperatively,” said Bendicsen.