Argos Man Sentenced to 15 Years

An Argos man was sentenced Wednesday to 15 years in the Indiana Department of Corrections with three years suspended on a charge of Conspiracy to Deal in Methamphetamine. The hearing was presided over by Judge Robert O. Bowen in Marshall County Superior Court 1.

Travis Owen Davis, 29, had driven a seller of methamphetamine to a location in LaPaz in order to make a drug transaction with a confidential informant. It was known to police that Davis had no driver’s license so radio communication was made to pull over Davis’ car. During the traffic stop, several pieces of drug paraphernalia were found along with meth. Two individuals along with Davis were arrested in this incident.

During questioning, Davis admitted that the hypodermic needles found in the vehicle were his and they would test positive for methamphetamine. Davis had also attempted to purchase pseudoephedrine 71 times. Davis also admitted that he and another suspect cooked the drug in St. Joseph County and was traveling from South Bend to Mishawaka to deliver and share meth with several individuals and then traveled to LaPaz to make this sale.

Mystesia Yeager, who was arrested in this incident, has already been sentenced and another suspect, Kenneth Schoeff, is set to be sentenced on Sept. 5.