Athletic Director Explains What Is Required to Participate in School Sports

The beginning of the school year is quickly approaching, and many student athletes are gearing up to get back into the game. Rob Vessely, athletic director at North Judson-San Pierre High School, told WKVI that there are a number of forms that student athletes must fill out and turn in before they can compete in any IHSAA-sanctioned sports.

Vessely said two forms are required by IHSAA, including a physical form and a signed concussion waiver. The physical form indicates that the student has passed a physical exam and is capable of playing sports, while the second form focuses more on a potential injury.

“The IHSAA also requires student athletes to sign off on what’s called a concussion waiver. All it does is, the parent and the student athlete sign that form so they understand and they’re aware of the risks associated with playing sports and that concussions are a risk of playing any type of sport,” said Vessely.

North Judson schools also require two additional forms, according to Vessely. He said the corporation also requires an insurance form and an emergency form; the insurance form states what kind of insurance coverage or lack thereof the student’s family has, while the emergency form contains contact information to be used in case of an emergency.

Vessely said the school has contracted with IU Health to provide athletic trainers on site at the schools to provide athletic training services, and toward the end of the school year, the gymnasium is used to conduct sports physicals for student athletes, giving them the physical form to be used in the next year.

“That way, they can come in – this past year, for example, it was only $10, they do a full circuit of examinations and they come out with a physical they can use in the next school year,” said Vessely. “It’s a great service they provide.”

Check with your child’s school corporation to ensure that all the paperwork required to participate in sports has been filled out correctly.