Chicago Man Arrested in LaPorte For Intimidation, Resisting Arrest

After ignoring a warning from police who told him not to operate an off-road motorbike on city streets, Larry Ballard, 25 of Chicago, was stopped a second time in LaPorte around 7:58 p.m. on Tuesday. Ballard reportedly began to yell profanities at the officer issuing him a traffic citation, and when he was issued a disorderly conduct warning, he continued to yell and resisting arrest.

Ballard then reportedly attempted to flee as officers attempted to place him into custody, and police say he also attempted to reach into his front pants pocket, which was later found to contain a knife. He was tased and placed into custody. A plastic baggie containing a green leafy substance fell from his pocket during the struggle.

Upon transport to the LaPorte County Jail, Ballard allegedly threatened two officers with physical assault.

Ballard is charged with two counts of Intimidation as Class D felonies, Resisting Law Enforcement as a Class A misdemeanor, Possession of Marijuana as a Class A misdemeanor and Disorderly Conduct as a Class B misdemeanor. He was also cited for the motorbike violation.