City of Knox Receives Squad Car Grant

The clerk-treasurer for the city of Knox has announced that after months of waiting, the grant for the purchase of a new police squad car has been awarded to the city. The city was looking to replace a police vehicle that had been totaled after striking a deer, and Jeff Houston said the grant was awarded in the amount of $24,900 from a USDA rural development grant.

Those funds will cover 75 percent of the purchase of the vehicle, with the city paying $8,396 from its EDIT fund to cover the rest of the cost. Houston said this news couldn’t come at a more opportune time for the city, as it has been operating one vehicle short since the damaged squad car was taken out of service in March.

At one point, Houston explained, the city had been notified that no money was available due to the federal sequester, but luckily, some funds were freed up and the city was ultimately awarded the grant.