Eastern Pulaski School Board Holds Public Hearing for Superintendent’s Contract


The Eastern Pulaski School Board members held a public hearing last night during their regularly scheduled meeting concerning the proposed new superintendent’s employment contract.

Board President Mike Tetzloff opened the public hearing for public comment and there was no comment from anyone in the audience. He offered the board members a chance to speak and there was no comment.

Hearing no comments, Tetzloff said the board members will wait seven days, per state statute, to approve the contract with the new superintendent.

In other business, the three building principals gave an update on the preparation for the new school year. Elementary School Principal Jill Collins reported that the building looks great thanks to the maintenance staff. Collins said parent night was well attended and professional development will take place today. A Reading Series representative will be meeting with the teachers to go over the new series.

Middle School Principal Ryan Dickinson commended the custodial staff on their hard work in getting the building prepared for a new school year which starts tomorrow (Wednesday). The staff will be engaged in professional development today and will discuss literacy tactics.

High School Principal Rick DeFries noted that a special speaker, John Beck, will be talking to all middle and high school educators today about how to motivate students in being successful students. DeFries explained that Beck was an intelligent student, but was not motivated to learn in school. He went on to flunk out of college and then worked for a couple of years before he went back to college. It was then that he was motivated to do well and succeed. He is now a professor at IU Northwest.

The entire staff is ready to welcome students with open arms as the school year officially starts at the Eastern Pulaski School Corporation tomorrow.