Eastern Pulaski School Board Hopeful for High Student Count

Dr. Robert Klitzman
Dr. Robert Klitzman
While the official student count day isn’t expected until September with a second count to be conducted in February, the Eastern Pulaski School Board was counting on good student numbers on the first day of school to gauge where the numbers stand.

That count has not been released, but Superintendent Dr. Robert Klitzman stressed that student count is important as funding follows the student.

Early registration has indicated that the corporation will see an increase of 30 student transfers while four to six families will be transferring out of the corporation.

Klitzman noted that the student count in the Fall is always higher than the winter count. Many students transfer out of the corporation for several different reasons throughout the school year and the second student count is always lagging.

Klitzman is confident that the second count shall remain at or slightly below the fall count.