Final Route Determined for NIPSCO Reynolds Topeka Line


NIPSCO has determined a final route for the Reynolds Topeka Line – a 100-mile electric transmission line running from Reynolds to Burr Oak to Topeka – after analyzing the impact that several proposed routes would have had on homes, farms, irrigation systems, terrain, and environmentally and culturally sensitive areas. Kathleen Szot, external communications manager for NIPSCO, explained that the public open houses held in February and July proved to be extremely useful in helping determine a route that would cause the least amount of disruption.

Szot explained NIPSCO is now in the process of notifying landowners who will be impacted by this project. She said the landowners will receive a letter explaining which of their properties is affected and they will soon be contacted by a right-of-way agent who will explain the next steps.

Szot said construction of the line should begin in late 2014. For a detailed view of the final route, visit

The Reynolds Topeka Line, according to NIPSCO, will not only strengthen the electric system and enhance system reliability, but will also improve access to lower cost electricity for customers and offer environmental benefits. On top of that, the company said the project will also create jobs as one of 17 other similar projects occurring across the Midwest led by the Midwest Independent System Operator.