Gas Prices on the Rise – But Why?


The average price of gas in Indiana is once again on the rise, having been increasing since Aug. 28, and is now up to $3.70 per gallon – 10 cents more than the national average, which has remained relatively steady. The national average is currently resting around $3.60, down 5 cents since a month ago. According to Gregg Laskoski of, this regional increase can be attributed by rising crude oil prices and, despite common belief, it’s very unlikely that the gas increases in our area are caused by the Labor Day weekend or unrest in the Middle East.

Laskoski said regardless of what’s going on in Syria, it’s very likely that the Great Lakes region would have seen this fluctuation in prices, and Indiana is not alone – while the state average went up about 10 cents per gallon over the last week, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin are also suffering from rising prices. He explained this is due to what’s called “price cycling,” which Laskoski explained causes the Great Lakes region to have steeper peaks and valleys in pricing charts than the rest of the country.

Fortunately, Laskoski said this, overall, works out in the consumer’s favor; it’s not uncommon to see the state average dip lower than that of the nation.