Hamlet Featured in Yellowstone Trail Festival Association Publication

Hamlet has been featured in the official publication of the Yellowstone Trail Association! The Yellowstone Trail Festival was highlighted in The Arrow in light of the town’s 150th anniversary. It’s been 101 years since the Yellowstone Trail was planned to connect all of the best existing roads “from Plymouth Rock to Puget Sound,” giving travelers a better road on which to travel.

The Yellowstone Trail Festival will feature a photography contest and corn hole tournament, a raffle for computers, an 1863 circuit riding preacher with old-time preaching and hymn singing, tug-of-war teams, pie eating contests and a parade – and don’t forget the Miss Yellowstone Pageant! The festival, combined with Hamlet’s sesquicentennial celebration, is planned for Aug. 16 – 18 in Hamlet.

Join the town of Hamlet as it celebrates these historic anniversaries at the Starke County 4-H Fairgrounds. Visit the Yellowstone Trail Festival website and click on “Schedule” to see the many events planned for the weekend.