Knox Community School Board Gets Start-of-School Update

Superintendent A.J. Gappa
Superintendent A.J. Gappa

The Knox Community School Board heard an update on the progress being made to the start of school.

Superintendent A.J. Gappa said the administrators gave a building update and an update on the registration process.

“The teachers were in for two days of professional development on Tuesday and Wednesday of the current week in anticipation of the upcoming school year,” said Gappa. “Teachers will begin school officially on Monday and the kids will come on Tuesday, Aug. 13.”

Gappa gave an update on the maintenance projects performed at the school during the summer.

“They’ve been cleaning and taking care of all of the buildings. The parking lots were sealed and we did an area of paving between the bus parking lot and the west parking lot at the high school. All of those things that had gone on during the summer in anticipation of the upcoming school year was part of that report to the board.”