Knox Council Creates Rental Fee Inspection Fund

Knox City Council
Knox City Council

The Knox City Council this week approved a motion creating a fund to be used for rental property inspection fees, a necessary step in order for the city to collect those fees, according to Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston. He explained that the Indiana Code regarding rental property inspection fees was recently changed, and now the money must go into a special non-reverting fund. Because this fund did not yet exist in the city’s budget, Houston said the council must pass a motion to create that fund in order to charge the fees.

Houston emphasized that the council is not creating the fee, as it was already in place, and did not modify the fee; rather, the city merely created the fund to comply with state law. The money, he said, cannot go to the General Fund, because it must be used for the administration of the Plan Commission.

He said the charge is $25 for rental property inspections, but the city has not been charging these fees for a long time. With the fund in place, he said, the city can continue charging the fee.

The council approved a motion to create the fund.