Knox Mayor Updates Council on Various Projects

Knox Mayor Rick Chambers
Knox Mayor Rick Chambers
Knox Mayor Rick Chambers gave the city council an update on a few things he has been working on for the city, including housing and demolition grants. Chambers explained the council had previously authorized him in July to seek a housing grant for $195,500, and the city was awarded the grant last week. Since the council has already approved the city’s matching funds for the grant, Chambers said he needed their approval at the meeting to sign the official resolution.

The council unanimously passed a motion authorizing Chambers to sign the resolution.

Chambers also explained he is also still working on the demolition grant to remove the buildings at 2 and 4 N. Main St. in Knox. After the bid approval process was put on hold on June 26, the Knox Board of Public Works was able to approve the bid for the demolition of the old Knox theater and the former office of the Starke County Economic Development Foundation in the downtown area at their meeting in July. The process was postponed due to the discovery of asbestos in the two buildings, as the board learned that the federal wage would have to be used by bidders.

On top of that, Chambers noted that INDOT is raising prices for street sweeping for highways. Because the state handles the street sweeping for U.S. 35, Chambers said the city can expect to see a 20 percent increase in that cost.