LaPorte Officers Respond to Marijuana Complaint, Infant Found in Environment

LaPorte city police responded to a complaint of the smell of burnt marijuana emitting from an apartment at 701 Maple Ave. and found that a two month old child was in the environment.

Police were able to determine from which apartment the odor was originating and knocked on the door. The occupants turned down the music playing and locked the door. Officers reportedly heard people scurrying inside the apartment.

At last, someone answered the door and three males, ages 18, 20 and 21 exited the apartment. The 18-year-old suspect was carrying his two month old daughter in an infant carrier.

The officers talked to the occupants about the complaint and expressed their extreme concern for the infant being in that environment. All three denied smoking marijuana.

The wife of the 18-year-old suspect then came on scene and she reportedly verified to police that her husband does smoke marijuana but should have known better than to smoke it with the child in the same environment.

Police were given permission to search the apartment where they found several pieces of drug paraphernalia, but no marijuana in plain view.

Both parents were advised that a detailed copy of this incident would be forwarded to Child Protective Services.