Local Family’s Trip Abroad Marks the Start of a Spiritual Journey


A local family’s recent trip to India proved to be life-altering in more ways than one. Gary and Cindy Kuechenberg and their children spent two weeks there visiting an orphanage run by a Christian pastor they befriended. He cares for about 80 children who have lost parents to the scourge of AIDS and is in desperate need of a new facility to house his ministry. The Kuechenbergs were so touched by his work they decided to sell their home in Knox and move to India.

“I’ve lived 48 years of my life very selfishly, and I want to finish well. That’s my motivation for doing this,” said Kuechenberg.

Cindy admits now that she was expecting this news, as God showed her back in March that her husband would make this decision. Cindy kept that to herself in order to watch the process unfold naturally. She says Gary came to her one morning while they were in India after praying and reflecting quietly.

“I was kind of distracted doing something on my cell phone, and then it occurred to me that the moment had come, that he just said, ‘We’re going to sell our house and move to India.’ I said to him, ‘Did you just say that you are willing to sell our house and move to India?’ and he said ‘I wouldn’t have said it if I didn’t mean it.’ That is exactly my husband, he will not say, ‘We are going to sell our house and move to India,’ unless he means we are going to sell our house and move to India. So I just said, ‘Wow, that’s amazing! God, you are amazing. You just amazed me!’” Cindy exclaimed.

If you’d like to hear more about the Kuechenberg family’s spiritual journey, be sure to listen to Kankakee Valley Viewpoints, tomorrow at noon on K99.3 WKVI for their before-and-after perspective.

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