Local Fire Chiefs Urge You to Burn with Caution During Dry Spell

The spring season started out to be a bit soggy, but as we approach the end of the summer season, things are drying up.

Knox-Center Township Fire Chief Kenny Pfost stated that his department has not been called to many grass or brush fires during this dry spell and encourages residents not to burn – especially on windy days.

Bass Lake Fire Chief Les Jensen adds that if you do decide to burn, make sure you take proper precautions and keep a water source handy in case things get a little out of control. If you are conducting a controlled burn, contact the sheriff’s department.

North Judson-Wayne Township Fire Chief Joe Lezsek confirmed that his department has been called to one brush fire and urges you to use common sense if burning legal debris.

Hamlet Fire Chief Bob Goetz has not received many fire calls either and stresses that no fire should go unattended and to be prepared. Don’t light a large pile of brush on fire. Smaller piles should be burned one at a time.