Local Welding Student Applies for Apprenticeship

Jim Coughlin
Jim Coughlin
The Boilermakers Local 374 has provisionally accepted a student in the SCILL Center welding program to its apprenticeship program.

Jim Coughlin of LaPorte completed the 12-week SCILL course recently and was happy that his training helped him in being accepted into the apprenticeship program.

Boilermakers Local 374 was established over 75 years ago and covers the state. To complete the course, apprentices must complete 600 hours of class training and 6,000 man hours on the job site.

Boilermakers Local 374 helped assemble the largest conventional crawler crane in the world at the BP Refinery in Whiting.

SCILL began their welding technology program last August, serving both high school and adult students at their location in the Knox Middle School. Over 90 percent of students completing the adult class have earned American Welding Society welding certificate. For more information on how you can be a part of this program, call (574) 772-8001. The next welding class is tentatively scheduled to begin Monday, Sept. 23.