Marshall County Commissioners Approve Comprehensive Plan Amendment

The Marshall County Commissioners held a public hearing Monday morning concerning an amendment to the Town of LaPaz’s Comprehensive Plan.

Plan Commission Director Ralph Booker explained that with the new U.S. 31 project, it was time to update a chapter in the town’s plan to include an upgrade in several aspects of the town. The proposed changes include an upgrade in sidewalks so residents and visitors can safely walk about town; enhance the downtown corridor by creating an attractive and safe community; incorporate welcome signs, decorative lighting and other landscaping to create a friendlier atmosphere, develop a land use plan; and be proactive in the development in the new U.S. 31 realignment.

The implementation of developmental ready sites for possible economic development and the upgrade of LaPaz’s neighborhoods is also part of the comprehensive plan.

Twenty-five new pages were submitted for proposal and the Town of LaPaz approved the plan in an earlier meeting.

The Marshall County Commissioners did not receive any comments in the public hearing. The commissioners suspended the rules and approved the amendment to the Town of LaPaz’s Comprehensive Plan on all three readings.