Marshall County Commissioners Approve New Jail Healthcare Contract

The Marshall County Commissioners heard a presentation on Quality Correctional Care with representative Lisa Scroggins Monday morning.

Sheriff Tom Chamberlin wanted the commissioners to hear details about what kind of services this company would provide concerning medical care for inmates at the jail.

Scroggins, the chief financial officer with Quality Correctional Care, explained that their company has their own staff of doctors and nurses who specialize in correctional facility medical care. A nurse would be on staff at the jail 40 hours per week and a doctor could come on site once a week and handle medical issues. All calls would be done in-house so the liability of taking inmates out of the facility for dentist visits, x-rays, or blood work would not be an issue.

Their staff would also conduct officer training for CPR, automated external defibrillators and signs of suicide. The staff would also negotiate medical bills and prescription costs with local pharmacies or use their correctional pharmacy.

The company, located in Delaware County, already serves 18 counties in the state, and Scroggins explained that their main focus is to save counties money when it comes to inmate healthcare.

Sheriff Chamberlin told the commissioners that entering into this contract with Quality Correctional Care would reduce overall liability as many of the lawsuits stem from inadequate healthcare in the jail.

The contract would be approximately $131,000 for a year, or $10,916 per month. Chamberlin commented that inmate medications alone cost $3,800 this month. He added that if that cost alone could be reduced, the contract would be worth it.

All three commissioners agreed that entering into this contract would be a savings to the county and free up two staff members from having the hassle of negotiating health care costs with health care facilities and pharmacies. The reduction of liability also was noted as a positive.

The commissioners unanimously agreed to terminate the county’s current contract with IU Health Physicians with the contract to end Sept. 30. Quality Correctional Care would begin services at the jail on Oct. 1.