Marshall County Commissioners Approve Zoning Ordinance Amendment

The Marshall County Commissioners held a public hearing Monday morning concerning an amendment to a Marshall County Zoning Ordinance.

The ordinance stated that a person found in violation of a zoning ordinance would be fined $200 per day. As Plan Commissioner Ralph Booker explained, he doesn’t feel some violations warrant a $200 per day violation fee and only assesses that fee when a court appearance is scheduled. He said he often gives a resident a notice of the violation and a warning. If the issue isn’t remedied, a $50 fine is given. If the violation goes ignored, a fee of $100 would be given on a subsequent offense and then a $200 fine if the case heads to court.

The Marshall County Board of Zoning appeals approved a change in the ordinance to state that a resident can be fined up to $200 from the date of the violation.

Booker told the commissioners that he goes before the BZA to explain what violations have occurred and the fines given so everyone is on the same page. The BZA often guides Booker on how to proceed with some violations. So far, 27 violations have occurred this month but none of those violations were more than a $50 fine.

The commissioners opened up the public hearing and no residents attended the hearing to give an opinion. The commissioners then closed the public hearing, suspended the rules and approved the amendment on all three readings.