MCLWC to Discuss Septic Issues in Area

Various septic issues around Marshall County have prompted the Marshall County Health Department to make a presentation at the Marshall County Lakes and Waters Council meeting this week in an effort to inform the public on some of the problematic septic disposal sites near the lakes. The meeting, scheduled for 6 p.m. ET on Wednesday, Aug. 28 in Room 203 at the Marshall County Building, will lay out issues involved in these septic disposal sites including separation of septic systems, limitations on space, plumbing fixture problems, and other issues that could potential impact the lake communities.

Open discussion during the meeting is encouraged, and officials will explain current rules and policies that are in place, as well as discussion over technologies regarding septic disposal. The department encourages the public to provide feedback in order to get the public’s input to help shape future policies for the county.

The septic systems that serve lake homes are nearby recreational waters which can potentially cause an impact public health as well as the health of the lakes themselves. The potential for damaging the ecosystem – aquatic plants, water clarity, and even the health of fish – is also a concern.

The Marshall County Lakes and Waters Council is an entity formed for the purpose to promote, conserve, maintain, protect, and restore the natural resources associated with the lakes and streams within Marshall County and within the State of Indiana.