Museum Director Presents Info to Marshall County Commissioners

Marshall County Museum Director Linda Rippy made a presentation to the commissioners this week about progress at the museum this summer.

She reported that several students served as volunteers over the summer and hopes to extend the invitation for more students get involved during the school year. Rippy explained that several students come from the Plymouth schools but would welcome students from Argos, Bremen, Culver, Laville and Triton schools to come to the museum and volunteer.

One volunteer offered to produce a DVD of the military room for patrons.

Rippy also stated that the number of visitors to the museum constantly increases.

Auditor Penny Lukenbill complimented the aspect of how the museum is user-friendly. She had to do some research for her church and she conducted that research on a computer which she found easily accessible.

Commissioner Jack Roose commented that the museum does a great job streamlining information. He added that the museum staff is obviously listening to the patrons and getting an idea of what would work best at the museum.

Rippy will appear before the Marshall County Council on Monday to review the 2014 budget.