NIPSCO Customers Report Scam

NIPSCO customers have told the company that they have been receiving unsolicited phone calls from people claiming to be NIPSCO representatives when in fact the callers are scammers.

In this latest scam, the “NIPSCO representative” will threaten disconnection of the customer’s electric service if an immediate payment is not made in order to settle an overdue balance. The scammer directs the victim to purchase a prepaid debit card, specifically a “Green Dot Debit Card” and call back with a receipt and PIN. This allows the scammer to access the card’s funds.

These calls have not been limited to just residential customers. Business customers have also been targeted.

NIPSCO officials will never ask customers to purchase a debit card in order to settle a bill to avoid a disconnection. NIPSCO only asks for a Social Security number when a new customer is applying for service, so personal information should never be given to any unconfirmed source.

If you have any questions, call NIPSCO at 1-800-464-7726.