North Judson Town Board Approves Purchase Orders for Town Supt.

The North Judson Town Board last week approved three purchase orders for the town superintendent. According to Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry, Town Superintendent Marshall Horstmann told the board that a water meter at the apartments on Maryland Street needed replaced due to a broken internal part at a cost of $1000.

Horstmann also requested a purchase order for ten sludge bags used in the waste water plant to gather sludge, which came out to $6470, along with a barrel of polymer for the waste water plant as well. The final purchase order, Henry said, was for 14 cylinders of chlorine and eight cylinders of sulfur for the waste water plant and the water department at a cost of $2642.

Henry said the superintendent is also working on building a new salt storage shed, and he will likely contact a civil engineer to discuss specs for the cement floor, such as how deep it must be in order to hold the weight of the salt.

The town board approved the purchase orders at a total cost of $10,112.