Plymouth Company Kessler Crane Requests $2 Million Tax Abatement

Expansion – that’s the name of the game for local Plymouth company Kessler Crane, recently voted a “Company to Watch” in the state by the Indiana Economic Development Corporation. The company told the city council this week that they have outgrown their facility, having grown from a business employing only eight people to an employer of more than 50, 18 of whom were added within the past year. Derek Spier, economic development specialist at the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation, told WKVI that the business is now looking to move from their current facility on Jefferson Street in Plymouth to a new building on Western Avenue.

“Kessler Crane recently was awarded one of the top Companies to Watch in Indiana. It was only one of 33 companies in the state to achieve this, so it’s really on a high growth trajectory, so it’s very positive news for Plymouth. Kessler Crane has basically reestablished their commitment to the city of Plymouth, to be located here and continue to operate here,” Spier explained.

To aid in their move, Spier said the city council this week gave preliminary approval for a $2 million tax abatement. The company requested an abatement on $800,000 worth of rehab work needed for the new facility, which was previous occupied by American Containers, and a $1.2 million abatement for equipment that the company plans to purchase.

“They’ve outgrown their facility and they’re moving into a new facility, and over the next two years or so, they plan to almost double in employment. They plan to increase from about 50 employees to up to 90 employees as a result of this abatement that’s being granted through the city,” Spier said.

Spier said these tax abatements require two meetings – the first being a declaratory resolution that states the company is eligible for the abatement, and the second for final approval to confirm the resolution and solidify the abatement. The declaratory resolution was approved by the city council on Monday, Aug. 26, and Spier said the council will consider final approval on Sept. 9.