Pulaski County Council to Advertise $10,000 Add’l Appropriation for PBS Program

After the Pulaski County Commissioners approved a $10,000 expense to feature the county in a PBS program aimed at promoting tourism for counties in Indiana, Nathan Origer, executive director of the Economic Development Commission, appeared before the county council this week and mentioned another program that may benefit the county. Origer said “Extraordinary Indiana,” another PBS program, differs from “Savor Indiana” in the fact that it focuses more on economic growth in the county, rather than tourism.

Origer explained the Community Development Commission board responded favorably to the idea of looking into this venture as well, in addition to “Savor Indiana.” This PBS feature normally runs $25,000, and Origer said it has since been discounted temporary to $10,000 and it’s the perfect time to take up the offer.

To that end, Origer requested the council approve advertisement of an additional appropriation for this PBS program. The council approved his request.

Origer said the county’s feature in “Savor Indiana” is still on track to air in the fall, having already done some filming in the area. Now, he said, the tough part begins: trying to decide what aspects of the county should be kept in the 30-minute program and what parts should be eliminated due to time constraints.