Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office Warns of Employment Scam


If you’re looking for a job, be aware of an employment scam using newspaper ads to snare potential victims. Pulaski County Sheriff Mike Gayer says his office received a report from someone who responded to an ad in “The Herald Journal” in Monticello for a part-time property manager and got an email response from waynejack@outlook.com stating she had been hired and more information was needed. She then got a money order for a high dollar amount in the mail and was instructed to cash it, keep a little money for incidental expenses and send the rest to pay for some type of business expense. This scam used a Lafayette, Ind. address, according to Gayer. However, a search of the telephone number turned up numerous classified ads for an assistant construction manager in papers across the country. “Wayne Jackson” is the employer’s name in those ads. If you have any information or have been involved in a similar scam, please contact the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office at 574-946-3341.