“The Judicial Process Worked,” Says Wireman

After being exonerated of the charges against him, Starke County sheriff’s candidate Greg Wireman told WKVI that he knew all along it was a big misunderstanding and the charges would ultimately be dropped. Wireman was accused of impersonating a corrections officer in February at his aunt’s rural Starke County home after she called him because three door-to-door vacuum cleaner salespeople were being very pushy and wouldn’t leave her house. They claim Wireman detained them and told them he was a corrections officer.

“We’ve known since the beginning and I’ve said since this case came out, that once the entire truth was put out, once the whole story and the truthful story was put out, that I’d be exonerated of the charges. I was never guilty of anything from the get-go, and we knew that; it was a matter of getting the prosecutor the entire information, and I think she cited that in her motion to dismiss, that based on further investigation, there were no warranted issues for us to be charged in the first place,” said Wireman.

Yesterday, Wireman’s attorney filed a Memorandum in Support of Motion to Dismiss in which he explained Wireman was, in fact, a corrections officer at the time he was accused of impersonating one.
The memorandum explains that Wireman’s supervisor, John Kohles, asserted that the Starke County Community Corrections department oversees convicts sentenced to the Indiana Department of Corrections and administers a Home Detention Program, a Community Transition Program and a Community Services Program. It also establishes that Wireman was a “correctional police officer” as defined by state law, with duties that include overseeing offenders serving home detention in lieu of imprisonment in the Department of Corrections.

Because the affidavit of Wireman’s supervisor, Kohles, conclusively establishes that Wireman was a correctional police officer, and a correctional police officer is, by definition, a “law enforcement officer,” the charges were dropped.

Wireman said he’s happy that the truth came forward and the charges were dropped.

“I’m very happy that the judicial system today worked, the process worked. Unfortunately, we are where we are, it shouldn’t have been to this point, but it did work, and now we can move forward,” said Wireman.

Click here to view the Wireman Memorandum.

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