Vacancies Open on WKVI Trip to Wisconsin

News Contributor, Ed Hasnerl
Ed Hasnerl
For anyone interested in traveling to Wisconsin with WKVI this summer who was disappointed that the trip has been filled up, good news! Ed Hasnerl announced that several spots have opened for the four-day, three-night trip to Wisconsin and Lake Michigan after a larger than expected turnout prompted him to rent a bigger bus.

“We had a good response. Our bus wasn’t big enough; we got a bigger bus, so now we have a few more seats. We could probably take as many as seven more, but here’s the thing: if somebody’s interested, they really should call right away and let us know that they are interested and then we can save a spot with them, because I have to clear it with the hotel – there’s plenty of room on the bus, but we’ve used up all our rooms at the hotel,” said Hasnerl.

Now those spots need filled, and Hasnerl said they’re looking for at least four people to fill those vacancies. This is one of three trips planned this year, the first of which took travelers aboard a riverboat for a great time. This is the second trip, giving visitors a new perspective on a variety of locations as the travelers experience cool breezes, lighthouses, cheese factories and Scandinavian food on the trip planned for Aug. 26-29.

“It’s beautiful scenery and the folks are nice, and we eat at a lot of nice restaurants. We visit lighthouses, go out to Washington Island, take the ferry boat. Our whole bus gets on the ferry boat and we go to Washington Island and it’s just great,” said Hasnerl.

The cost of the trip is $599 per person for double occupancy, $562 per person for triple, with eight included meals. For single occupancy, the cost is $765 per person. A deposit of $100 per person is required with reservation.

To register for the trip or for more information, call (574) 772-6241.